Emergency Dentist in Indianapolis

Accidents happen, and you never know when you or your family may need emergency dental care. We can be your emergency dentist in Indianapolis. There are many kinds of dental emergencies, including trauma to your mouth that can damage your gums or teeth. You may experience lacerations to your gums, bleeding, missing or broken teeth, and other accidents that may call for immediate, emergency dental attention.

How do I know if I need emergency dental care?

It's inevitable that many people will need emergency dental care at some point in their lives. Many things can happen that cause trauma to the mouth, including accidents, sports injuries, falls, and sometimes even biting into hard foods like ice, popcorn kernels, and hard candies.

Significant mouth injuries can include cracked, dislodged, or broken teeth. If you experience any of these, be sure to seek emergency dental care. If you wait too long, such injuries can lead to severe complications down the road. Care for such complications can be time consuming and expensive, so fixing the problem immediately is the healthy and right thing to do. You may need an extraction or dental implant.

In fact, if you’ve lost a piece of your tooth or if you’ve suffered nerve damage, seeking emergency dental care may be the best way to save your tooth. If you wait too long, the damage may become permanent. It’s also best to seek immediate attention if you have severe pain, like having an abscessed tooth, since there may be a more significant problem lurking under the surface.

When in doubt, call our office. We’ll talk through what happened and help you decide if you need to seek immediate emergency dental care.

Is there anything I should immediately do for a dislodged tooth?

Yes! If you have a dislodged or loose tooth, make sure you handle it as little as possible. Always touch a loose or dislodged tooth by the crown and never by the root. Try to rinse away any dirt or debris and gently try to place the tooth back in its socket.

If you are unable to put the tooth back in its socket, put it in a small container with milk to keep it from drying out before you are able to make it to the dentist.

Then get to us as quickly as you can! We are here to help. We’ll make sure that you receive the best possible care as quickly as possible.

If you don’t know whether or not you need an emergency dentist, give us a call! We’ll help you decide the right course of action.