Post-Op Instructions

After-care made simple.

In order to assure rapid healing and minimize discomfort after a surgical procedure it is highly recommended that you follow these post-operative instructions listed below.

  • Place gauze directly over surgical site and bite down to create pressure for 20-30 minutes (DO NOT CHEW on the gauze). Then remove and dispose of the gauze and check for bleeding. Repeat with fresh gauze as needed until the bleeding has reduced or stops altogether.
  • For continued bleeding, use a tea pad dipped in cold water and bite down on it for 30-45 minutes. Then remove and dispose of the tea bag and check for bleeding. Repeat with fresh tea bag if needed. Some bleeding for the first day or two is normal. If bleeding persists or becomes excessive please call the office.
  • DO NOT RINSE or SPIT for the first 24 hours. This will disturb the blood clot and prolong bleeding.
  • DO NOT use a drinking straw for the first two days. The sucking may dislodge the blood clot from the extraction site which will prolong the healing process.
  • DO NOT smoke for the first 24 hours, if possible, as smoking is harmful to the blood clot as well and should be kept to a minimum.

Nutrition is very important after your surgery for health and healing. We recommend you avoid foods that require chewing while numb. A soft food diet would be best for the first 24 hours after surgery and remember to drink plenty of fluids; however, DO NOT eat or drink anything with gauze in your mouth.


Apply ice packs immediately to all areas of the face where surgery was performed. Keep the ice pack on for 10 minutes and then remove it for 10 minutes. Continue to repeat this cycle to help control the pain and swelling that may occur. Application of ice packs is most helpful for the first 24-48 hours after surgery.


Swelling and bruising after any surgical procedure is normal and usually occurs in 24-48 hours after surgery. The application of ice should help minimize this for you though.


Most discomfort should begin to subside three to four days after surgery. If the discomfort persists or worsens after that please call the office.


After 24 hours you may begin warm saltwater rinses. Gently rinse your mouth 3 to 4 times a day with the warm saltwater mixture (Mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 8oz of warm water. Stir until dissolved then rinse). You may brush your teeth carefully and normally using caution around the surgical area.

Please contact our office with any concerns or questions you may have during your healing process.