Teeth Whitening

It is normal for our teeth to darken over time. Foods, coffee, tobacco and red wine can accelerate this process. The good news is, there are safe and effective options to lighten your teeth. You need to know that we all are different and results will vary and some people may have short term sensitivity of their teeth and or gums. This does not cause any permanent harm to your teeth but it may effect how quickly you whiten your teeth. Most patients will need to “touch up” their whitening over time. Dr. Lockhart offers two options to suit your specific needs.

Deep Bleaching Max

This is an option for those that have stained teeth and want to get a jump start on their whitening. Phase one of the treatment involves wearing custom trays, at night for two weeks, Phase two is an “in office” one hour treatment, after that you wear the trays at home until you have reached your goal. You keep the trays to “touch up” your teeth as needed.

Take Home Trays

This is our most popular option. We make custom trays that hold whitening gel on your teeth, and you wear them one hour per day. Normal treatment time is around two weeks, but results do vary. Keep your trays to touch up your smile as needed. Additional whitening gel is available at our office, just use the gel in trays you already own.

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