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If you have ever put off pursuing vital dental care because you aren’t covered by insurance, you’re certainly not alone. At Lockhart Dentistry, we believe that each and every person deserves comprehensive dental treatment and a beautiful, healthy smile. In order to make this possible for all of our patients, we offer a solution that fits your budget and lifestyle, the Lockhart Dentistry Smile Club.

Members Receive These Great Benefits:

  • Two healthy cleanings
  • Two dental exams
  • One Velscope oral cancer exam per year
  • One set of cavity detecting x-rays per year
  • Any small single film x-rays needed throughout the year
  • 20% discount on all dental work needed

Lockhart Dentistry Smile Club Pricing:

The yearly enrollment fee for adults (age 12 and up) is $377. The yearly enrollment fee for children under 12 is $342. Monthly recurring payments with a credit card on file can be made at the fee of $31.42/month for adults and $28.50/month for children. First payment being $62.84 with 10 consecutive payments of $31.42 for adults and $57 with 10 consecutive payments of $28.50 for children. With your Smile Club membership, we guarantee you’ll save a minimum of $56. As an added incentive, you’ll receive a 20% discount for all dental treatment that you complete within your 12 month enrollment, all with no annual limits. Perhaps best of all, there are absolutely no waiting periods!

Take Control of Your Dental Health

Your family’s oral health should never end up on the back burner just because you lack dental insurance. With the Smile Club plan at Lockhart Dentistry, you can feel free to pursue a healthier, happier smile for yourself, your children, and anyone else in your family! Please contact our dental office today to find out more, including additional terms and conditions. We sincerely look forward to giving you a reason to smile.


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