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Dental ExamGeneral dentistry includes an array of services that keep our patients’ oral health in check year-round. With preventative care, every patient is prepared to maintain a healthy smile and is our first priority when any issues arise.

There is so much more to general dentistry than cleanings and exams. While those are certainly part of it, we go beyond the basics to care for your oral health completely. Scheduling regular checkups for yourself and your family is important, so we can keep tabs on your teeth, gums, and more. The fight against oral disease is something we’re constantly monitoring for you as you keep up with visits before something goes awry. Below is more you should know about the importance of general dentistry.


What does a basic dental exam look like?

When you come into the office for a general exam (recommended every six months), we cover the following: a thorough cleaning, plaque and tartar removal both above and below the gum line, and talking with you about your oral care maintenance, including tips to keep your oral health in tip-top condition. We will also screen for signs of cavities, gum disease, and other issues including TMJ (disorders in the jaw area) or signs that you may be grinding your teeth. We also look for abnormalities that may be a potential sign of oral cancer. This all-inclusive visit is designed to manage your dental and oral care regularly, and we take time with every patient, thoroughly and comprehensively.

Will I receive a fluoride treatment during the dental exam?

Reducing the risk of cavities is essential, and fluoride has shown to do just that. It has been studied and confirmed that treatment with fluoride can reduce cavities by 70% in both adults and children. As an added perk, fluoride also hardens the teeth, making them stronger, something we all benefit from. We apply a varnish over the teeth after they are cleaned. It takes about a minute to do, and we strongly believe it’s worth every second.

Will my teeth need sealants for protection?

Those teeth at the back of your mouth (molars and pre-molars) have lots of pits and grooves not found in the front teeth. To prevent decay from forming, a sealant can be brushed over these back teeth to protect them. Not everyone will require a sealant, so during your exam, Dr. Lockhart will make the call. It’s completely painless and quick to apply.

What about x-rays?

We take x-rays at some of your exams if you are due for them. We use digital x-rays for reduced radiation and convenient computer imaging.

Dental X-RayWhy is general dentistry so important? Can’t I just come in when something’s wrong?

Dental health is vital to your overall health. Some diseases and conditions can form due to something that started as an infection in the mouth. We can spot these signs early —  before it’s too late and you are already ill. Being on top of these matters with regularly scheduled checkups means you are being proactive about your health. If you wait until something is wrong, the prognosis and process will be far worse than if we nipped the issue before it physically bothered you. We can find cavities before your tooth begins to ache. We will remove decay before it ruins your tooth’s structure and bacteria gets into the gums. Our sophisticated high-tech tools can spot signs of suspicious tissue that can save you from oral cancer, and so much more. Just like you visit an internist for your body, your dentist is your go-to professional for your oral care. Our comprehensive care means we take more than your teeth into consideration. As our patients, your overall health is our concern. So much more than just a resulting shiny smile, a full dental exam can be a literal lifesaver.

What if I need to see an oral specialist?

If your general exam results in the conclusion that you need to see a specialist, we will refer you to the right one. We have long-term relationships with trusted specialists in the area that you can count on, and we will follow up with you throughout your care.

Take your oral care seriously. Waiting for something to strike is a sure way to make matters worse. Come in for your regular cleanings and screenings, and we will make sure to treat you like family. Prevention and detection are the keys to a healthy smile for years to come. Putting off your appointment is putting your health at risk. Our friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere will make your visit as pleasing as possible. We’re here to make you feel comfortable and cared for.

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